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Conference 2006

Conference Organised by the Joint Supervisory Body of Europol


On October 2006, the JSB held a conference Brussels, in which data protection and Europol was the central issue. We hope the results of the conference will provide the JSB and other Europol and data protection stakeholders with useful input for their work.

1. Program
2. Opening Speech by the Chairman of the JSB
3. Speech of Mr Jacob Kohnstamm
4. Conclusions of the conference

Conference 2008

On 9 October 2008, the JSB celebrated the 10-year anniversary of its activity by organising the Conference "What will the future bring? Rising to the challenge of maintaining effective data protection supervision at Europol".

The aim of the conference was not to just celebrate the achievements of the JSB in its first 10 years; more importantly, attention focused on future challenges and the way the JSB should respond to these.

The conference provided an excellent platform to exchange views, ideas and perceptions on future challenges for effective data protection supervision at Europol. It created a rare opportunity to reflect on how to make data protection meaningful and effective, and thereby ensure protection for individuals in light of the many challenges posed by the wide range of European Union activity taking place in the area of security and law enforcement.

Various speakers in the conference reflected on the future change of the legal framework of Europol and its law enforcement environment in the European Union. They also discussed the Union's plans and activities in the area of justice, freedom and security and more specifically the introduction of the principle of availability, the principle of convergence and the increasing pressure to share data.

The discussions touched not only upon the data protection supervision of Europol, but were extended to these developments in the European Union and on how to provide real protection for the individual. The common perception of the participants was that one of the practical solutions to all current information exchange tendencies is to enhance effective and efficient joint supervision by the national data protection authorities and joint supervisory authorities.

A strong commitment to strike the right balance between strengthening the fight against crime and maintaining a high level of data protection supervision system was frequently mentioned during the conference.

The conference made it clear that the main challenge for data protection authorities and law enforcement agencies is to settle the right balance through dialogue.

Another important issue acknowledged by all participants of the conference was the need for raising awareness to individuals about their rights and freedoms, and the enhancement of the transparency towards individuals concerning all new policies and initiatives in the European Union.

As the conference objective was more perspective than retrospective, the consequences of the Lisbon Treaty and the Council Decision replacing the Europol Convention and the possible impact they may have on future activities of the JSB were presented. All agreed that future changes will only provide even stronger motivation to continue the task of the JSB.

The main conclusion drawn by the conference was that the JSB continues to ensure effective data protection supervision at Europol including constructive cooperation with Europol assisting to implement legal data protection provision in the day-to-day work of Europol.

All participants agreed that faced with innovative approaches to information exchange in the European Union, joint supervisory authorities, such as the JSB, together with national data protection authorities, must maintain the present data protection supervisory system and increase their activities to ensure real protection for individuals now and in the future.